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Dorothy Prescott Prize

Dorothy Prescott Prize awarded for 2010

The inaugural Dorothy Prescott Prize has been awarded to Mac Benoy, for his paper and presentation to the 2010 Adelaide conference, on The Todd Weather‐map Digitisation Project.

Mac’s paper ably demonstrated the role of the polymath Astronomer General of South Australia Charles Todd in the foundation of meteorological services in Australia. Todd’ unique legacy included 31 years of weather history neatly bound in 64 volumes, which is being digitised at the Weather Bureau’s South Australian Office. Meteorological observations for each of the 11,000 days are recorded in a continental weather map accompanied by news articles of the day describing weather events across eastern Australia. The maps illustrate developments in weather observations from 1878 to federalisation of the Weather Bureau in 1909. Mac’s paper will appear in a forthcoming issue of The Globe.

Sincere thanks is due to Dorothy and Victor Prescott for the provision of the Estelle Canning Memorial prize since 2000, which has been both motivator and emblem for the AMC.

The Dorothy Prescott Prize will be likewise highly valued and inspiring to ANZMapS. The Dorothy Prescott Prize will continue to be awarded to the author presenting the best paper, as judged by a panel appointed by the ANZMapS President, at each Conference from 2010 onwards.

The certificate and prizemoney is to be awarded following each conference.