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Dorothy Prescott Prize 2012

The ANZMapS committee is pleased to announce the winner of this year’s Dorothy Prescott Prize for the best paper presented at the annual conference.

The 2012 winner is Rupert Gerritsen for his paper “Getting the strait facts straight” about Flinders’ search for a strait in the Australian coast likely to lead to an inland sea.

Rupert is an independant scholar who has been engaged in youth work, community work and mental health, and specialises in developmental work. His recent focus on Indigenous Australian Prehistory Research included And Their Ghosts May Be Heard, (1994, 2nd edition in 2002). It is a detailed exploration of the fate of the Dutch mariners castaway on the Western Australian coast in the 1600s and early 1700s. In 2011 he published Beyond the Frontier: Explorations in Ethnohistory (Canberra: Batavia Online Publishing).

Congratulations to Rupert! The prize consists of a certificate and $500, which are awarded to a presenter upon publication of his paper in The “Globe”. We look forward to publishing the paper in due course.