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New NLA Map Georeferencer

NLA Maps Georectifier has been designed to georeference and publish a set of historical maps on Open Street Map.  Georectification (or georeferencing), simply means marking recognisable points on both the historical map and another map, in this case Open Street Map. The pilot is now ready for trialling and comment  –

The data set currently comprises about 1000 digitised parish and town maps of NSW/ACT and nearby regions. Over the next six-months, the Library plans to add a layer of topographic maps, and wider geographic coverage. The tool allows users to setup a login to georeference the maps. Once enough points have been added, the map is then submitted for rectification, and published for online use. Its actually quite fun and addictive – a bit of a Tetris exercise to get the maps to match up. The Library is hopeful too, that a few more keenly interested individuals will become publishers…


1 thought on “New NLA Map Georeferencer”

  1. Looks totally awesome!!!

    Fantastic work Martin. I catalogued 1000s of these maps (not my favourite form of Map cataloguing though – those would be the Rare Old Maps) – I’m just fascinated by Old Maps – that’s why I’m the Moderator of a pretty significant Old Maps Forum.

    Frankly want to eat, drink, sleep, live with maps, and make it my life

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