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ANZMAPS Webinar Wed 14 July

Wed 14 Jul
12:00 pm AEST / 2:00 pm NZST

In the second instalment of this year’s ANZMapS Webinar Series we will hear from experts talking about the latest innovations in the State and National mapping programs of Australia & NZ.

Karl Baker – Land Information New Zealand
Mapping New Zealand in 2021 – Respecting past and present products as we look to future! A presentation on maps and future possibilities…

Dmitar Butrovski – Geoscience Australia
Enabling Access to Geoscience Australia’s Aerial Photography Collection – a journey from aerial survey films to digital downloads

Geoscience Australia is the custodian of a large aerial survey film archive holding aerial photography from 1928 to mid-1990s originally captured for mapping purposes.  Until more recently, it was difficult for public to find specific aerial photos and to access that information as digital images.  Geoscience Australia has developed a new catalogue application which enables anyone to find and download digitised aerial photographs at fraction of time and free of charge.

Jodie Howie and Simon Haycock – Queensland Department of Resources
Queensland Topographic Mapping Program offered by the Department of Resources

The traditional delivery of Topographic Information via printed maps has changed.  Recent spatial application developments and state-wide datasets has created opportunities for Topographic mapping to be supplied by spatial applications such as QTopo, basemap services and pre-generated map downloads.  The presentation will discuss the changes that enabled this new delivery and the future directions for Topographic and basemap mapping.

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