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Dorothy Prescott Prize

The Dorothy Prescott Prize will be awarded to the author presenting the best paper, as judged by a panel appointed by the ANZMapS President, at each ANZMapS Conference from 2010 onwards.

Dorothy Prescott (OAM) is an Honorary Fellow at the School of Social and Environmental Enquiry, University of Melbourne, and received the Order of Australia in June 2003 for services to map librarianship and cartobibliography. She is a Member of the Australian Institute of Cartographers (MAIC), and was Eminent Spatial Scientist of the Year, awarded by the Spatial Sciences Institute (Victorian Division), 2004.

The certificate and prizemoney is to be awarded following each conference.

The prize consists of $500.00 and a certificate awarded to the author. The prize money will be sent to the winner once the winning paper:

  • is submitted for publication to The Globe Editorial Committee,
  • is corrected or amended by the winner as required by the editorial referees, and
  • is accepted for publication in The Globe by the Editorial Committee.

The Dorothy Prescott Prize supersedes the Estelle Canning Memorial Prize, endowed by Victor and Dorothy Prescott, in memory of the Australian Map Circle’s Vice-President 1997-98, who passed away on 20 September 1999. The final Estelle Canning Memorial Prize was awarded in 2009.

Past winners, Dorothy Prescott Prize:

Conference Winner Title of Paper Published
Adelaide 2010 Mac Benoy. “The Todd Weather‐map Digitisation Project” The Globe no.67 as “The Birth of a Familiar, Everyday Map”
Sydney 2011 Jan Tent, Macquarie University. “Where in the World is Ulimaroa? Or, How a Pacific Island Became the Australian Continent” Originally published in the Journal of Pacific History; revised for The Globe no.69 as Tent, Jan & Geraghty, Paul, “Ulimaroa Unveiled?”
Brisbane 2012 Rupert Gerritsen. “Getting the strait facts straight” The Globe no.72
Melbourne 2013 Henk Brolsma “Macquarie Island mapping 1912”  [not yet published]
Auckland 2014 Ruth Watson, Auckland University. “Heart-shaped worlds: cordiform maps and European expansionism in the 16th century” The Globe no.80 as “Heart-Shaped Worlds: Cordiform Maps in the context of Early
Modern Europe”
Canberra 2015 Stuart Braga “‘Anzac Panorama’ – a survivor’s tribute to the Anzacs, August 1915” The Globe no.80 as “George Hore’s Gallipoli Experience: A Light Horseman’s record of the Gallipoli Campaign – the ‘Anzac Panorama’ and its background”
Wollongong 2016 Elizabeth Moylan, TAFE-Illawarra. “Understanding Aboriginal Cultural Landscapes in the Illawarra: the role of historical maps” The Globe no.82
Melbourne 2017 Caitlin Buckle, UNSW (joint winner) “Mapping migration biographies: Using Google Earth to explore migration at varying spatial scales” The Globe no.83
Melbourne 2017 Albertine Hamilton & Marika Kocsis, SLV (joint winners) “Meek’s Atlas: Insights into the Care of Oversized Map Materials” The Globe no.83
Wellington 2018 Anton Thomas, Anton Thomas Art “Drawing North America” The Globe no.86 as “Drawing North America by hand”
Canberra 2019 Robert Streit, JCU “Space use in reef fishes: why we need maps in reef ecology” Inaugural student presentation award
[Dorothy Prescott prize not awarded this year]
    [Dorothy Prescott prize not awarded this year]
Sydney/online 2022 Katherine Parker “Magellan’s Straits or Round the Horn?: the British discourse on passing from Atlantic to Pacific, 1670-1770” The Globe no.93 as “Magellan’s Straits or Round the Horn?: the British discourse on passing from Atlantic to Pacific, 1670-1770”

Past winners, Estelle Canning Memorial Prize:

Conference Winner Title of Paper Published
Canberra 2000 Dianne Rutherford, Australian War Memorial, A.C.T. “Captive Cartography: Map Production in Prisoner of War Camps in World War II” The Globe no.50
Hobart 2001 Michael Ross, New Zealand “The Mysterious Eastland Uncovered” The Globe no.53 as “The Mysterious Eastland Revealed”
Cairns 2002 Ross Thomas, Queensland “Robert Logan Jack’s Maps” [Not published]
Sydney 2003 Grant Kleeman, Macquarie University, N.S.W. “Topographic Mapping Skills: the Classroom Challenge” The Globe no.57 as Kleeman, G & Hutchinson, N, “Maps in classrooms”
Hamilton NZ 2004 Brendan Whyte, The University of Melbourne, Vic. “Lettering or littering the landscape? Readymix, Guinness and a Grader” The Globe no.55 as “The Diamond in the Desert: the Story of the giant Readymix Logo on the Nullarbor”
Melbourne 2005 Amy Griffin,University of N.S.W. / Australian Defence Force Academy “Can movement help map readers see clusters that move through space and over time?” [Not published]
Perth 2006 Karen Cook “The Desired Blessing: Thomas John Maslen and the Map of Australia in his Friend of Australia” The Globe no.61 as “Thomas John Maslen and ‘The Great River or Desired Blessing’ on his Map of Australia”
Canberra 2007 Greg Wood “Mr Scrivener’s Predecessors” The Globe no.61 as “Mr. Scrivener’s Predecessors: Laying Claim to Canberra”
Wellington NZ 2008 Hélène Richard “Interest of French cartography in the South Pacific in the eighteenth century” The Globe no.83
Brisbane 2009 Brendan Whyte “A beginner’s guide to mapping a third World City: Ubon Ratchathani,Thailand” The Globe no.66