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Special event: ‘Mapping in Action’

Mapping in Action will be held at the National Library of Australia, Canberra on Tuesday 24, and Wednesday 25 September, 2019. 

REGISTRATION is now open. $40 per day General Admission and $20 per day Student Admission. Lunch & teas included. Don’t miss out!

Held over two days, Mapping in Action offers researchers and students a unique opportunity to showcase and share their research. There are presentations on the mapping of linguistic properties of Indigenous placenames, how maps are used to understand Marine Protection, the ecosystem of Port Phillip Bay, the British Music Tradecultural practices in Papua New Guinea, Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, and much more. There are new tools, including Geoscience Australia’s Aerial Photography Through Time, and the National Library’s new Mapwarper.


“Mapping in Action will feature the latest in spatial information, data visualisation and historical mapping, with prizes awarded the best presentations, and open the doors to Australia’s largest map collection. Its my pleasure to introduce such a diverse group of speakers and subjects.” Dr Martin Woods, Senior Curator of Maps and Research at the National Library of Australia

Presentation ABSTRACTS are now available.


(*= student presentation)

Welcome & Keynote
9:00-9:30Martin Woods/ ANZMapS/National Library of Australia

Map societies & libraries in action: past, present and future

Pacific session
9:30-10:00Hedvig Skirgård*/ANU     Mapping the Pacific – a sea of islands
10:00-10:30Greg Lauer/Eastview Geospatial     Topographic mapping in the South Pacific
10:30-10:50MORNING TEA
Ecology session
10:50-11:20Micah Edwards*/Nowra Christian Sch.     Optimizing nest box placement for Sugar Gliders – a journey in learning digital maps
11:20-11:50Percy Rakoto*/RMIT     Investigating the relationships between the spatial pattern of urban vegetation & Urban Heat Islands (UHI) in Melbourne
11:50-12:20Robert Streit*/JCU     Custom maps reveal patchy feeding by fishes may leave coral reefs more vulnerable than previously thought
Socio-ecology session
13:00-13:30Mae Noble*/ANU     Using maps to balance social-ecological spatial priorities in Marine Protected Areas
13:30-14:00Kirrily Apthorp*/ANU     Seeing the forest for the trees: remapping primate conservation in Vietnam
14:00-14:30Melissa Pineda*/Swinburne     Mapping ecological injustice hotspots in cities
14:30-15:00AFTERNOON TEA   including Day 1 speakers: certificate presentation/photo
Socio-historical session  
15:00-15:30Cynthia Parayiwa*/ANU     A spatiotemporal exploration of preterm & low birthweight incidence in Queensland, Australia, 2007-16
15:30-16:00Nick Skopal*/ANU     Mapping megalithic jar sites in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic
16:00-16:30G. Allen Mawer/—     Treasured Islands: charting the imagination
17.00-18.00ANZMapS Annual General Meeting (Members)
Welcome & Keynote
9:00-9:30Igor Drecki/ NZ Cartographic Soc./Auckland Uni    Beyond the Vote: ANZMapS’ Affiliate Membership of the International Cartographic Association (ICA
Cartographic session
9:30-10:00Oscar So*/RMIT     Landform perception accuracy in shaded relief maps among map readers who grew up in Victoria
10:00-10:30Leigh Mills/Geoscience Australia     Unlocking Geoscience Australia’s aerial photography collection
10:30-10:50MORNING TEA
Indigenous session
10:50-11:20Inge Riebe*/ANU     Space becomes Place: One Kalam’s Maps
11:20-11:50David Nash/ANU     Mapping linguistic properties of Indigenous placenames
11:50-12:20Bill Arthur/ANU     Macquarie Atlas of Indigenous Australia
13:00-13:15Day 2 speakers certificate presentation/photo. Student prize awarded.
Historical session
13:15-13:45Margaret Cameron/—     The Juxtaposition of Two Inlets: Captain Cook’s ploys to keep out the French
13:45-14:15Robert J. King/—     Gerard Mercator’s Pulo Condor
14:15-14:45Trevor Lipscombe/Australian Hydrographical Soc.     Lt James Cook’s misplaced landmarks on the coasts of Victoria & NSW
14:45-15:00AFTERNOON TEA
15:00-17:00NATIONAL LIBRARY MAP COLLECTION TOUR – including NLA Mapwarper viewing

Contact the organisers: here

The Dorothy Prescott Prize of $500 is awarded annually for the best presentation eligible to be published in our journal The Globe.
This year for the first time the ANZMapS Prize of $1000 for the best student presentation will be awarded, with an option to publish in The Globe.

REGISTRATION includes – all presentations and tour of NLA Maps collection on Day 2. Morning/afternoon teas and lunch are included. Please contact the organisers if any dietary needs: here

Event organising committee:
Dr Martin Woods, Senior Curator, Maps and Research Programs, National Library of Australia
Dr Brendan Whyte, Curator of Maps, National Library of Australia
Kay Dancey, Manager CartoGIS Services, Australian National University

Thanks to National Library of Australia for their support of this event